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What do you think I am
Do you think Im dreaming
Dont you know I know
What it is youre scheming

Who dyou think gave you the right
Hidden by the dead of night
To take the world and
Turn it upside down
When it should be round

Seems I made it just in time
To use my reason and my rhyme
To save us from
The evils of your mind

I will cast the spell
Be sure Ill cast it well
I will light a fire
Kindled with desire

Ill fill you with fear
So you know Im here
And I wont be treated like a fool

Its no good you pretending
Therell be no happy ending
Im alive and darkness is my tool

But when the night is over
And daytime steals your cover
The goodness of the morning sun
Will warm away
What you have done
And leave you cold

I have no need for moonlight
Youre wrong to trust in sunlight
For I exist not just in storms
But in life itself in so many forms
To leave you cold

I will leave you now
But you wont defeat me
You had best beware
When you come to meet me

Love and truth will follow me
An army of reality
Brought from every corner
Of the world

You will never break the spell
Ill summon all the fires of hell
And this is my advice
For what its worth

Let us not begin
This fight we cannot win
Be sure youre watching me
Ўcause all through your life
Everyday and everynight
You should know that
Ill be watching you

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