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Chorus Yeah, so why wouldn't it be me Why couldn't it be me, it's closer than it seems I'm doing this for me, shit, I'm doing it for we And I'm closer to my dreams than I've ever been So just watch me, no rainshower is gonna stop me And if the road to the top turns rocky, imma grin my teeth, I know I got it Y'all never mind me, I'm just doing my thing Pursuing my dreams, and this the song I sing This the song I sing, I'm just doing my thing Pursuing my dreams, but y'all never mind me Vinzy V Into the deep water I venture I'm so centerfield, attention please Can't you feel the chemistry, we meant to be Y'all was never that You should let it be, drop the mic I cause the hype, I'm more the type To spit and let it rip, kick and make a hit Vicious so nice with the pen, namean Mean, certainly third degree, you heard of me I'm so hot right now, man I'm sizzlin' Swervin', but I ain't never lost my drive Provide insanity when the wheels I be grippin' Y'all trippin, but too late for my flight I'm way beyond your reach, I'm way beyond your height Forever on point, mark that wit a dot V, mark that with a check, pay me Chorus Nico Sereba Y'all never mind me, I'm just doing my thing I spit flames on the beat, got em going insane The crowd's crazy, hip-hop's alive, we the evidence MC's and gentlemen, closer than we've ever been Fuck what's relevant, I be the end of them I collect wack rappers and imma get the ends And haters, they can't never win Cus they tell me they don't love me, but they bump me from their residence We taking over, it's plane to see, cus You love rapper, and rapper loves me I be that dude y'all been waiting to see Waiting to hear, so peep me as I get deep And we gonna top charts, they be sayin' that already I'm just not sure if the industry is ready And critics heard us, they ain't able to speak Next cat to top the world, why wouldn't that be me Come on Chorus

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