Минусовка tell my why

Найти интересующую минусовку, караоке или фонограмму теперь не является трудной задачей. У нас собрана база, состоящая более чем из ста тысяч композиций и текстов песен русских и зарубежных исполнителей. Например, хорошая песня, а также минусовка и караоке Tell My Why в исполнении P.O.D., её можно скачать в mp3, слушать онлайн, есть текст песни

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A day with no glory A heart filled with fear Still repeating his-story to make ourselves clear A voice is unheard when it shouts from the hills Your king in his castle never died on these fields There's blood on you hands A smile on your face A wicked intention when there's money to be made A room with no windows and a heart that can't feel Shame with no convictions and a view to a kill. Tell me why? Why must we fight? And why must we kill in the name of what we think is right? No more No war Cause how do you know? The hate in your eyes The lies on your tongue A hand that kills the innocent So quick to do wrong Your belly is full while we fight for what remains The rich getting richer while the poor become slaves We kill our own brothers The truth is never told If victory is freedom then the truth is untold Surrender your soul just like everyone else If love is my religion, don't speak for myself Chorus How do you know? Chorus I'm living this life I'm given these lies And how can I die for the name of what you think is right? No more Oh lord How do we know?

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